Hello Forumites , a first post here.
I have a 2006 new beetle on which I have replaced both of the lock mechanisms.
I did the drivers door recently and not without a few issues replaced the lock mech fine with it working OK.

However , you will realise if you have ever done the job , it is necessary to remove the lock barrel to gain access to the little link end which goes from the lock mech to the exterior handle.
This is flipped out to allow the mech to be removed from the inside.
Refitting , you check out the position on the link end in the ribbed half socket in the handle , refit and away you go.

My problem is this , when the lock barrel is not fitted , OR the side screw is not done up the handle lies in it's normal position agianst the door panel. It operates the door perfectly.
However once you start tightening the side screw (the one that retains the lock barrel) it jacks out the exterior handle so that once tight it sits maybe 2 or3mm out of position.
The lock works , the handle works and the central locking works.

Now , if you have a look at the lock barrel you will see that there are 2 notches in the body. These notches are engaged by the plate that is moved rearwards by the side screw , thus locking the lock barrel in place and making all secure.

What is driving me mad is that it's counter intuitive that this final tightening should push the exterior handle out , because it's moving rearwards away from the handle but there we are.

Ive tried holding the handle out whilst tightening again, makes no difference.

This has happened on both sides now so I know there must be a knack I am unaware of.

Changing the position of the link end on the little cable in the ribbed groove makes no difference.

Scouring the net and youtube etc. brings up loads of videos about how to remove and adjust etc. but nothing about this particular problem.

BTW, the handle can be pushed back flush but you can feel some resistance and it pops back out.

Any ideas please, driving me very very mad!
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