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Thread: Obd reader, but which one?

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    Obd reader, but which one?

    Hello everybody,

    I have realised I need a reader to allow me to monitor my vehicle errors and manage functions. I have spent some hours reading forums and researching products. These are the options: (correct if I am wrong!!!)

    1) MIL OBDII readers. very cheap, about 5, and easy to use with your smartphone but only monitor the engine light computers so very limited functionality and no customisation of functions
    2) the proper kit: VCDS VAG-COM reader from ROSS-TECH. Gives you all functions and access to all on board computers but expensive (min 250 but the dongle is 500) and perhaps difficult to use. Although apparently customer support is great
    3) CARISTA. This is a dongle that cost 15 and gives you access to the majority of functions and error messages. Only problem is that you get only one month subscription to the full functionality or 40 for one year....still reasonable and seems easy to use via smartphone
    4) Cables not from ROSS-TECH. I know fake products are not to be discussed here and anyway the 10 one will not work with Touareg 2. These cheap cable are apparently the K version but for Touareg we need the "dual k & CAN version". I had a Ebay seller offering me a genuine product (cable plus software) for 60 but do not understand what genuine means. Is ROSS-TECH the only company that can sell these cables and related software. Are all the other ones illegal fakes?

    I am tempted to get the carista since will allow me to check all error messages and do the majority of customisation at a reasonable cost.
    My customisation priority are:
    - reset service message (does not work via centre console)
    - set up the left mirror to dip when reversing
    - activate the advanced green menu (to access advanced functions through the centre console)
    - perhaps have the start and stop set up OFF as standard and reverse the light functionality.
    - investigate turning off the radio filter. when off apparently the sound is much better and similar to the upgraded sound system
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    There is only one company that sell genuine VCDS cables Ross-Tech but they aren't cheap. As the new cables have 3, 10, unlimited VINS.

    All cables on fleabay are cheap Chinese cloned cables and those are Banned subjects
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    Humble Mechanic appeared really impressed with OBDeleven:

    I have a genuine VCDS cable but it's such a faff to run cable from laptop to diagnostic port, I'm seriously thinking of purchasing OBDeleven; it's coupled via Bluetooth to any android device which makes it portable. It appears more convenient when viewing live data.
    Suggest checking Ross-Tech Diagnostic Procedures to make sure your vehicle is covered otherwise you'll be required to use Advance Measuring Values; Meas_Blocks appear more informative. You'll find lots of videos on Youtube using Meas_Blocks but not Advance Measuring Values.

    Another reason for me considering an OBDeleven is that my Polo doesn't have any indication of engine temperature and it's not available on MFI.

    I haven't yet decided to sell my VCDS cable ...
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