Evening all, so I purchased a Golf 1.5 evo 130BHP manual 3 months ago, with around 8000 miles on the clock. Itís suffering from the same issues posted around the forums, kangarooing in 1st gear, with VW telling me a software update due. I could live wirh that, but since then the car has once gone into limp home mode, returning to its normal self once the engine was turned off and back on. Took to local dealer who advised they couldnít find a fault code for this... so I carried on. Yesterday when I started the engine, the car decided to rev itself as soon as it was started, two or three times up to about 2-500 revs. It then idled at around 1700rpm. Again switched engine off and on and there was no problem. Again took it to dealer who performed diagnostics and no fault codes found at all? Has anyone had similar issues? I appreciate itís a new engine but obviously worried this is going to be problematic. VW are taking the car in in a couple weeks for another look over. Any help/replies would be great!