Hi Guys

I have a 2012 Caddy 1.6 TDI manual 5 speed.
Engine code is CAYD.

What happened was I was driving at relatively low speed around 30mph and engine cut out. The cambelt was loose/snapped off after looking in engine bay.
Gone to a mechanic who has taken engine apart and seen the auxiliary belt has snapped causing it to wrap around some pulley, which has caused the cambelt to snap...

the head has been taken off too at this point because apparantly the valves have bent, so the engine went to an engineer who xrayed it and straightened out the valves. Was charged 300 for this. After this was back on along with new head gasket, cambelt, water pump, aux belt, when bleeding the engine, head has just been ruined again as the oil pump was also bust, but this wasn’t checked as the whole engine should have come out because its at the bottom (apparantly)
So now second hand head ordered and all back together, but mechanic says still not able to get engine running properly and sounds bad.

He now says I need to get a new engine after I have spent over 1200.
Is there anything anyone can recommend I do because so much has been spent on it, or do you think it just needs a new engine? If so where is the best and cheapest place to find one?