Hi guys, the name is Graeme and was wondering if any of you guys could offer me any assistance...

My son drives a 2013 Polo Match 1.2 and I dipped the oil the other day and i had a very strong smell of petrol. Upon looking at the dipstick a few more times i could see the contamination of fuel in with the oil. He has had the car for a couple years and i couldn't say the last time he checked the oil as he lives away, but i suspect it may have been like this for a period of time.

I have since changed the oil and filters on the engine and added a bottle of fuel system cleaner to the petrol tank. I was wondering if any of you guys have came across this problem in the past and if it will become an expensive issue to fix? I have since kept the car and have ran it for over 100 miles and the oil level hasn't increased at all. I'm not suspecting the fault is fixed, but just unsure of the cause. I have spoken with a few mechanics and who have told me about a few scenarios,

over fuelling
injectors problems
passing valves
Worn piston rings

Any information with be brilliant and i thank you in advance !