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Thread: Mk4 1.4 s Throttle Issue - Limp Mode

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    Thanks and will keep that site for the future. Found on Ebay for 36.00 in the end.
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    TB wiring as follows:

    Pin number @TB Wire colour Function Pin number @engine ECU

    3 white/red Motor drive 80
    5 grey/yellow Motor return 66
    2 black/green +5V to pots 55
    6 brown/yellow 0V to pots 61
    1 grey/green pot1 wiper 68
    4 grey pot2 wiper 75

    Pots = potentiometers, two in opposite sense that give feedback on position of butterfly.

    The motor drive will be a pulse width modulated (PWM) 12V, so if measured with anything other than scope it may look like a variable dc voltage between 0 and 12V.
    Main thing to check is continuity of wires from loom connector to loom connector, really.

    What is the actual error code you're seeing?

    I get an antivirus warning about oemepc, so I use instead.
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