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Thread: Drivers side indicator in mirror not working

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    Drivers side indicator in mirror not working

    2006 Mk5 Golf Plus
    The indicator unit on the drivers side mirror stopped working last week. All other indicators work fine
    I did a vcds scan & gave me the following:
    00109 - Left Mirror Turn Signal Lamp (L131)
    012 - Electrical Fault in Circuit

    Initial thought was that the unit itself had failed, so I ordered a replacement from ebay, & fitted it today - trouble is the indicator still doesnt work

    Ive bench tested the new & old indicator units & they both work fine so its a wiring problem I think

    I have a black/blue wire & a red/blue wire at the indicator connector. Tested these & I have earth at one but no 12v when the indicators are on (couldnt remember which colour gave earth)

    I then removed the rubber bellows at the A pillar that connects the door wiring to the car itself, just to check for any broken wires
    All I saw was a slight knick in the insulation of a red/black wire. This gave 6v if I remember correctly

    I was hoping to see black/blue or red/blue wires at the a pillar connector but couldnt. Anyone know what the indicator wire colour is at the a pillar connector into the door please

    I havent a wiring diagram so could someone give me some guidance please - Ive got a MOT next month & think it will fail if its not working

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    I can’t check until Monday but I believe the signal to the mirror indicator comes from the door control unit, i.e. the winder motor box
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    First posts normally go in introductions else you could get a free fix and we never see you again!!!

    That's a common problem you can Google.

    That happened on my Golf a couple of years ago. I ended up buying the bottom half of the mirror cover 34 as they don't sell LED bulbs as a replacement. That's another stupid VAG thing.

    My indicator in the mirror flashed as normal then a few weeks later it flashed dimmer.

    VAG Error Code: 00109

    Fault Location:
    Turn Signal Lamp: Left Mirror (L131) - Electrical Fault in Circuit

    Possible Cause:
    Voltage Supply for Left Mirror, Turn Signal Lamp (L131) faulty.
    Left Mirror, Turn Signal Lamp (L131) faulty.

    Possible Solutions:
    Check/Replace all faulty Wiring/Connector(s).
    Check Voltage Supply for Left Mirror, Turn Signal Lamp (L131).
    Check Left Mirror, Turn Signal Lamp (L131) Operation.
    Replace Turn Signal Lamp: Left Mirror (L131) with new unit as LED bulbs are not a replacement item.

    LED bulbs:

    ElsaWin Quote:
    On some vehicles, the illumination is not provided by a light bulb, but by an LED (light-emitting diode), depending on the equipment level. This LED is permanently attached to the retaining sleeve and cannot be renewed separately.
    Retaining sleeves with a light bulb are available in different versions. On the one version, the light bulb can be replaced separately; on the other version, the light bulb cannot be replaced separately. In this case, the bulb carrier has to be replaced together with the light bulb.

    As taken from my new EOBD II Fault Codes Software
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    Thanks, I'll post in the introductions layer
    I've replaced the led units so my next step is to check the wiring & connections. Just needed some guidance on where to check
    These mk5s are a lot more complicated than the old mk2 golfs I'm used to!

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    Just a little update on my non-working indicator mirror in my 05 Golf Plus 1.9tdi
    I used vdcs to do an output test on the door module (went into control module, 42 door elect, driver then did a test on the wing mirror indicator. I cant for the life of me remember what it said, possibly no output but the indicator didnt work)
    I pulled the inner door card off today to check the connectors & wiring

    I removed the 2 connector plugs which connect to the electric window motor black box
    (control module / ECU?). I noticed a bit of white residue/scorching on the right hand small plug as seen in the photos

    I then did a continuity check from the plug connector to the indicator unit connectors on the mirror & the wires ae fine

    Looking at the black box 1k0959793g is this the door control module?
    Could this have been overloaded I wonder causing the indicator issues?
    Is it worth replacing the motor too at the same time or just the same part no box (assuming the black box unclips from the motor itself)
    (wonder if the motor may have been overloaded when the regulator cable broke?)

    Would this have caused my issues?

    If I get a replacement box of the same part number will it require any coding to work correctly?
    Finally would they both have to have the same suffix codes, or can the same main code with a later suffix work?
    As a last resort I was perhaps thinking of taking a feed from the rear indicator but back probing the rear light cluster with a multimeter, & the indicator flashing, I couldnt pick up 12v on any of the wires, so that idea is out the window?? Is this because its running off the can-bus system??)
    Cheers for any help
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    2006 Golf Plus Engine????

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