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Thread: FOX 2007 sunroof leaking?

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    FOX 2007 sunroof leaking?


    My passenger back and front footwells were recently in a sea of water. I managed to clear some leaves and swamplike material from the passenger side plenum chamber. I can't take the whole cover off as the windscreen wipers needs to be removed and they are solidly rusted on.. there is still water in the back of my car and I'm not sure if it's residual after I dried it or new. I just wanted to know exactly where the exit holes are for the sun roof drainage so I can try and check if they are blocked? Are the just in the plenum chamber where I can only get a small amount of access?? There seems to be minimal Fox info online. Thanks!

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    Does the car have plastic liners in the front wheel arches?
    The scuttle drains probably come out there, either in plain view if there are no plastic liners, or behind the removable liner if present. You can probably hook debris out from the exit points if the scuttle is still not draining well. Try pouring half a litre of water into the scuttle at each end and see where it emerges.

    For the sunroof drains, try this: With sunroof open, car on level ground, pour a little water into the drain channels on each side and see where it emerges. Do driver's side first as that side of the car isn't wet, then see if you get drainage in the equivalent areas on the passenger side.

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