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Thread: Passat B5 GP Estate - Back doors lock

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    Passat B5 GP Estate - Back doors lock


    Already introduced myself so it's time for questions :

    When i bought my precious, it was a cheap purchase mainly because of the rust and the passenger back doors not unlocking (back left unlocked sometimes, the right one never did).
    After that, the left one, unlocks every time now, so that's fixed (i think).

    But the back right, still never unlocks and i cant even ear the unlocking mechanism working, while i did on the left one, even if it didn't unlock.
    No manual unlocking, not with the key, central locking, nothing. Tried pulling the locking "pin" but it always goes down and its a pain to pull it up.

    Anyone give me a hand here?
    Tried looking for a way to disassembling the interior but with the closed door its a pain...


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    You need to get your motor scanned (preferably with VAG-COM\VCDS) for any error codes logged in the ecu and post them, that will save a lot of guessing and check systems out.
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    It will need a new door lock in each door, this is an age old 3B problem but also afflicts other models. The nightmare part is getting the door open. Once you have removed the door trim there is a full width/height steel window regulator/reinforcement panel which is bolted to the door skim by about 15 bolts. To get this panel off you have to drop the window so the window retaining peg is visible and then poke the pin and its outer shell out with denting the door skin from inside and then lift up the window and tape it up or it will fall down and take your fingers off. Then you can attack the back of the lock to make it release so you can open the door as then and only then can you release the door handle infill so you can release the lock pull cable, it is a right sketch. We try thumping, bumping, banging, pulling , swearing etc at the door from inside and out and 99% of the time they open. I did this once on a Touran and then got called away, I came back to find so helpful soul had shut the door for me...
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