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Thread: VW Amarok height limits with Eurotunnel

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    VW Amarok height limits with Eurotunnel

    Hi everyone, this is my first post as my Amarok is only a few weeks old.
    Really pleased with it so far. I opted for the Highline version with the less powerful 204 V6 engine, but im very impressed as it replaced my Mitsubishi Warrior which was also a really good truck.
    I have a question im hoping someone might be able to advise on. I had the 3 piece rear back fitted on my truck by VW with the chrome bars immediately behind the cab.
    These appear to stick up around 40mm or so above the roof of the cab.
    Im hoping this will still allow me to use the non commercial crossing on Eurotunnel which i think is below 1.85m.
    Have any of you got the same set up ( as it loos like a lot do have it ) that can advise please if you have used Eurotunnel.
    Many thanks best regards Chris

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    Vehicles over 1.85 metres high can still use the normal Eurotunnel crossings as they have a mix of double deck carriages and single deck carriages. I've often seen caravans and motor caravans using these when I've been crossing, and have also used the single deck carriages myself when I've had bikes mounted on the roof of my car!

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    Thanks Chris. I did use to use the over height carriage. However ive found that when i used the overheight sections, if i arrived early at the terminals i had a long wait.
    That was when i had a SUV with skis on the roof. I then purchased a Mitsubishi Warrior for work and didnt need the SUV anymore. It fitted in the standard height carriage and whenever i arrived early at the terminal always got on earlier very quickly.
    So im hoping the new Amarok will fit in the under 1.85m carriage with the 3 piece rear i have on it. The fibreglass parts are almost flat with the back so no issues, but its the chrome bars im worried about so hoping someone might have used the crossing with the same set up i have.
    Thanks for your reply Chris, regards, Chris

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