Hi all. I'm brand new to the group. I'm really keen to pick up a T5, purely on the grounds they've more mod-cons and lower mileage.

However....i am struggling with insurance. I'm mid 30s, been driving since 18. Never had a claim, never been done for speeding etc etc. I work from home but have to have business use on my insurance for work (admin based). I have cover on my current car (2.2TD Mazda 6 TS2) for 350pa. But i have basically been told by the likes of Brentacre and A Plan that they won't insure me. I am massively confused. Is this just because there's an issue around 'using it for work'? My brother is younger, has an interesting driving history, has a T4 for SDP&Commute and is coming in at ~<500. Is it simply a case of business use, being a big no no?! Many thanks.

Supplementary question. Buying an ex-RAC van. Thoughts? Gracias.