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Thread: mk5 golf tdi 2007 Steering problem after wishbone change

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    Unhappy mk5 golf tdi 2007 Steering problem after wishbone change

    Hi hoping someone with mechanical knowledge can help throw possibilities at what could be up

    Garage changed driver side wishbone as it had wornout.

    After this, I've noticed turning right is heavier then left, but its the left side which I think is the problem

    Tracking has been done by another garage, and this got the steering wheel almost centre.

    Left side is definitely lighter than right, and doesn't wind back to centre properly.

    Full lock right then drive, returns to centre perfectly

    Full lock left then drive, returns to 11 o clock

    When driving sometimes steering wheel can be to the left and straight, sometimes centre and straight.

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    That sounds like a castor error but why? The steering is electric so it should not be a rack fault, I would start by specifically requesting a castor, then camber and then tracking check and have this done by a proper alignment specialist. The part I suspect that has been changed is the so called consul bush (or wishbone with consul) and if this was messed up it would affect the castor setting.
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