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Thread: Touran cross arches and sills and rust paint on a t1 touran??

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    Arrow Touran cross arches and sills and rust paint on a t1 touran??

    Hi guys looking for advice, pointers do or donts or all of the above . As I have posted in another thread about my "rusty" touran. The car does has corrosion in a few places and as stated it's outside the 12 year corrosion warranty. We bought the car for my wife to run around in as her zafira lay down the other week and we needed a set of wheels to get her going again. So we stumbled across this touran it was a cheap buy as we have a limited budget atm due to us moving to a new house in the next couple of weeks (everything seems to happen at once ).

    So any way he wife doesn't seem all that keen on the touran so at this point im considering keeping it for myself and making my trusty Octavia redundant or let the wife drive away at it. So as said the car has a few rusty patches that I would be considering getting fixed but the problem I come too is I don't have the spare cash to throw at a respray (the car could do with one) . So I have for a time been considering painting the car with rusty paint as I an get away with applying it with a roller.

    I was very nearly painting the Octavia with it. But if I keep the touran id be considering doing it to it as well as fitting a set of the plastic arches and side sills of a touran cross if at all possible. I have a set of genuine ronal 18" Audi s4 dtm alloys sitting out my back and I was going to powder coat them black with a polished lip and Lower the car. In my head it's seems a good idea and would defo make the car stand out . I'm looking to see if anyone has used this stuff before or if anyone can throw together a photo shop of what the car could possibly look like?

    Thanks in advance guys.
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    Tourans do rust, I saw some tinterweb stuff on a latish one earlier where the sills had gone!
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