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Thread: EOS roof reliability

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    EOS roof reliability

    I'm thinking of buying an EOS for my wife as summer runabout (budget about 6k so looking at 2010/2011 models) but my local garage advised me not to, saying the convertible hardtops are nothing but trouble and they always go wrong. He advised getting a softtop instead. The idea of a softtop in the winter is less appealing than a hardtop so before I abandon my quest for an EOS I thought I'd ask whether that advice is true. Obviously anything can go wrong, but are these roofs generally troublesome? If not is there anything I should look for when buying to reduce my chances of getting a dodgy one? Thanks

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    They are such a liability and nightmare that my business partner in the office has vetoed us working on them after one tried to kill me! I had it plugged in on VCDS to diagnose a fault and it suddenly decided to fold back with the boot shut and the side windows open, new glass is a lot of money and it goes everywhere, then it reversed and tried to cut me in half against the screen frame. They really are a liability, leak badly, suffer sun-blind rattles that mean taking the thing off and all sorts of switch issues. I remember going into our local dealer when they fist came out and I bumped into the service manager who I know, he was a broken man from dealing with multiple Eossuusssus (what is the plural of EOS, Eii?) under warranty with roof problems. To take the system off you need lifting gear and special support props to work on them, I hate them.
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