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Thread: 2019 Sat Nav Updates

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    2019 Sat Nav Updates

    Hi all
    Since the last map update dated 10/1/18 I have experienced on many roads 2 indications of speed limits on the left side of the display. 1 will be correct the other wrong. I have asked many times if other people have experienced the same problem but no one has replied to having this issue.
    I complained to VW and my car has been into a dealership 3 times but they have never been able to sort. The Customer Service Department have also been involved and the last communication from them said that Germany were aware of the issue and that it would be corrected on the next map release week 22 of this year. ( if this is correct why are no others having the issue )
    Week 22 has come and gone and still no map update.
    The Discover Media Sat Nav was an extra £795 and for such an expensive upgrade I feel I should expect this to work correctly.
    Anyone else seen this problem or know when we are likely to see the new maps?

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    Kind regards

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    The new maps are normally released in May/June, so should be on their way soon. I'll have an earlier version of the Discover Media to you, but my copy of the 10/1/18 maps work fine.

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    Interesting to hear your comments Jaflonpink. I wasnít going to post this until I felt it might be relevant and perhaps now is the time.
    After finding myself in "fields" on redeveloped roads which I knew very well I decided I would go for an update.
    This happened towards the end of May 19.
    I have a few loyal contacts (from a past life) in the massive VW dealership here so I called in a favour and let them take the SD card rather than do it myself - just in case.........Wonder why?
    After the card was taken I waited a few days which I thought was plenty more than enough but was told that the card "had failed" and had been wiped. I suggested that it probably was one of my better ideas to let them do it because a new card was going to have to be ordered from VW on the mainland and it would be under warranty. It duly arrived and was fitted and all was fine.

    Fine until on a trip to deepest Southern Ireland a few days later I noticed that a decent sized town wasnít listed but a smaller one nearby was so we used that.
    I also noticed that I was being sent up cart tracks on more than one occasion until I called a halt to that dangerous procedure. The setting since purchase in 2015 had always been set at "economical" but on the original SD card I donít ever recall ending up on a road barely wider than the car.
    As a test I set up the "three alternatives" knowing that where I was stopped on a main road I knew that road would continue about two miles then join another main road, however there was a small side road which would have cut out about 60% of that route albeit a difficult and narrow enough to be a "one way" road.
    I expected at least one of the three alternatives to give me the "stay on the main road" route but all three wanted me to proceed along the cart track so I abandoned that recommendation.
    The "fast" setting should have taken just a few minutes but the back road I was sent up took a harrowing ten minutes after having to reverse out of the way of a tractor.
    This is all fine for someone who has a decent knowledge of roads in a particular area but not so good if you had paid good money for a decent sat nav system for it to be unreliable.

    I havenít been able to get out too much recently to try some other experiments but I will soon.

    As for your issues with "dual" speed limits, well I havenít noticed that - yet so sorry I can't help with that issue.

    In my case the SD card was new and sealed and arrived at the end of May as I have said so I would hope and expect it to be the most recent. I havenít been able to return to the road which was a field on the old card but I will do that in due course and if this "new" SD card isn't fit for purpose I will be back to them.

    I can say that there were a few new features, (and I am happy to be corrected as necessary) one of which a distinct warning of NO OVERTAKING on certain stretches of certain roads and we donít remember that on the original card so this one may well be a genuine update. They corresponded with roadside signs giving the same warning.
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    Map error

    Hi to you both

    Thank you for your replies.

    You will probably understand why I'm so frustrated with VW. I would have thought hundred of people would be complaining about the speed bug but no. The dealer could not replicate the error on any of their stock cars so is it a problem with my head unit.
    Whatever it is they should put it right.

    Thanks again for your input Chris. you are always quick to respond.

    Kind regards
    2017 Golf SV 1.4 TSI

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