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Thread: How Can I Lock Car Without Activating Alarm System

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    How Can I Lock Car Without Activating Alarm System

    Hi All. Quickly....I have a 14 plate Tiguan. Going on a Ferry to Spain in a few weeks and need to know how to lock the car without activating the alarm system. I've looked in user manual but I can't make head nor tail of it. Thanks in advance.
    2014 Tiguan 2.0 TDI-CR

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    Can't comment on your vehicle but on my Golf there is a small switch to control activation of the alarm system.
    On mine it is somewhat hidden on the door pillar directly behind my right elbow as I sit in the car.
    It is in the handbook so keep looking but I suspect it might be something similar on all models.
    Someone will doubtless correct me as necessary.
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    As the previous post there should be a small switch on the B piller.
    Mineisa 2012 Tiguan and it has it.
    Press the switch before leaving the vehicle. Then lock the vehicle. It should now be locked but not alarmed.
    It resets every time the car is unlocked
    2012 Tiguan 4Motion 2.0 TDI-CR

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