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Thread: VW order game - 2 on 1 - VW, & the Dealership vs me

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    Unhappy VW order game - 2 on 1 - VW, & the Dealership vs me

    I'm looking for some advice on how to proceed with a Polo order.

    Apologies if the following is a bit hard to follow. I'm trying to condense a lot of information.

    Early Jan:
    We order a Polo 115PS Manual SEL with 4 options, the dealer and the order form says delivery in early April . All good so far, Current PCP finishes beginning on July... plenty of time!

    Jan → Apr:
    "Order with the Factory"

    Dealer tells us they cant see a build week on their system and have no idea when the car will arrive. We raise a complaint with the dealer and VW.

    Dealer - Sorry we have no control over manufacture. You've spec'd ACC, we think that's why the order is stuck. We're getting other Polo's delivered.

    VW - The dealer should have told you the lead-time was 22 weeks

    Me - OK, that's annoying but not too bad. we'll still the car before the end of the PCP

    End of May - now:
    The car still doesn't have a build week and VW's best guess at a delivery date is now Aug/Sept

    Dealer - How about one of these stock SELs (with none of the options you wanted)

    Me - No thanks.

    Dealer - We could look at other models...

    Me - The only model that comes close to the spec we've order is a GTi+ if you add climate and the winter pack but this car is going to be mainly used by the missus to get to work so a 2L auto ain't gonna be the most economical. But we'd probably be ok with it if you could find one in stock with at least one of those options.

    Dealer - I've checked can't do a GTi+ because it's on a different APR and doesn't get a deposit contribution.

    Me - OK, what do we do then?

    Dealer - Wait or cancel your order.

    Throughout the entire process VW customer services have rung us about every 2 weeks (never putting anything in writing) to tell us to go fish. They're "very sorry" there's no update and nothing they can do.

    Me - I better call VWFS to see if they can extend the finance on the current car (which they do).

    So, now VW and the dealership expect us to deal with MOTing, Taxing and servicing a car we thought we'd have got rid for an indefinite period.

    This is the 4th factory order I've made and all of them have been late (latest is the Golf I ordered last august, Est: early December, delivered: end of Jan) but none have been this bad.

    At this point they've just worn me down. Is that their business strategy? Over promise and under deliver, it doesn't matter they'll wait.

    Any words of wisdom would be much appreciated.

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    The factories have been going through hell trying to get cars through the new WLTP testing program and this applies to all manufactures but according to the specialist press things are starting to settle down. A lot of companies have been caught out by component shortages due to the sudden switch to petrol, it takes a long time to slow and turn a big ship. Due to this, Jaguar Land Rover publish their biggest ever loss due to a write down on the money wasted on diesel development.
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