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Thread: 6th gear won't work

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    6th gear won't work

    2005 Touran 1.9 TDI,at first it would grind sometimes ,now it won't go into 6th gear ,,could bleeding the clutch fix it ?? Thanx in advance

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    That does not sound like a clutch problem. Firstly will it go into 6th gear without the engine running, if it does that indicates the linkage is working correctly. If it was grinding when selecting 6th then that might be worn syncro in which case double-declutching should allow the gear to engage. However I would check the gearbox oil level, because if it is very low 6th gear is the one that often becomes difficult to engage. If its really low they can jump out of 6th - I've had this happen to me and the gearbox seized.
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