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Thread: Tiguian Dsg 4motion 2018 key issue

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    Tiguian Dsg 4motion 2018 key issue


    I have a 2018 Tiguan and i recently pruchased a new gearbox from VW due to driver negligence breaking the dog leg on the gearbox,

    The issue i have that in normal practice the ignition key would only come out of the ignition lock when in park, yet mine comes ot in any setting, eg, drive etc, i took the vehicle to VW who said that the Gearbox was locked and as such they reprogrammed both keys and unlocked the gearbox, but still the key can be taken out in either drive gear selected,

    any susgestions as at this stage VW have let me down
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    You seem to be saying that after 3rd party fitted a new genuine VW gearbox, the gearbox was locked (according to VW). VW unlocked the gearbox and reprogrammed the keys. Are there any other fault codes on the car?
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    There is a US only based recall about to be implemented which could have a bearing on this, something is wrong with the key interlock set up.
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