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Thread: Heated Rear Window Fuse S41 location

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    Heated Rear Window Fuse S41 location

    I have a fault code 00969 Heated Rear Window Fuse S-41. Can't seem to find where this fuse would be located in the Fox. There are threads on T5 forums that say it is in the fuse box under the bonnet but i can't find a diagram anywhere to point me in the right direction on the Fox.

    Has anyone had this issue before or know where it would be located.
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    VAG Error Code: 00969

    Fault Location:
    Fuse for Heated Rear Window (S41) - Faulty

    Possible Cause:
    No Operation.

    Loose contact.
    Corrosion at plug connections.
    Fuse No.39 defective.

    Possible Solutions:
    Check/Replace Fuse.
    Check/Replace all faulty Wiring/Connector(s).
    Test wiring.

    As taken from my new EOBD II Fault Codes Software

    It doesn't show Fuse for Heated Rear Window (S41).

    It shows Fuse 39.

    PDF files
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