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Thread: VW CC - Buying advice, GT Spec

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    VW CC - Buying advice, GT Spec

    Iím at the point where Iíd like to replace my car, and have pretty much decided Iíd like a VW CC.

    Iím coming from a 2006 Saab 9-3SS Aero 2.0T Saloon which has been my pride and joy for just over 10 years.

    Can anyone give me some experiences of the car, and common things to look out for when buying one?

    I have noticed a few at around 50k have had timing chain and water pumps replaced? Is this common? Iím beginning to think It might not be such a bad idea to get one around 50-70k that has had this done, rather than paying more for a 30-40k car that hasnít?

    Iíd like a facelifted model, from 2012 onwards, in GT spec. Iíve noticed some GT models have park assist, but others donít? Was this an option or standard?

    Ideally Iíd like a 2.0T petrol but these are rare as hens teeth, especially given the other specs Iíd like such as:

    - Black or Dark blue paint
    - Cream/Black contrasting leather interior
    - Around 50k miles
    - No older than 2012 (newer the better?)
    - Park Assist

    The other engine Iíve considered is the 170BHP TDI, but these are also less common than the 140BHP one. Iíve read the 140 is pretty good but I donít feel that it will be punchy enough as Iím coming from a petrol 2.0T with 250 BHP and 290 lb/ft (although 27MPG!)

    Also I'm not particularly bothered about manual or auto, but gather the auto is DSG - so potentially more expensive to service and very costly to fix if it goes wrong? What would you suggest?

    Are there any specification differences in MY dates Ė Iíd like to know exactly what is and isnít standard in a GT spec CC from around 2012-2014.

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    This forum is a bit confusing on sub forum titles: Advice and Information On Buying Or Selling.

    We also have Thinking of buying a Volkswagen plus Volkswagen for sale.

    It depends on which engine size/type you want economy TDI or performance. Plus the price you want to pay. save the PDF files for a read.

    I've just tried the link to see if it still works. I use IE11 for everything it says I need to update my browser to Safari, Google Chrome or Firefox which if total web

    It works ok with Firefox.
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