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Thread: Reprogamming a Skoda RNS510 to a VW RNS510

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    Reprogamming a Skoda RNS510 to a VW RNS510

    I have an R32 mk5 with a RNS510 install (with DAB, and Bluetooth modules) but the RNS 510 recently died (I believe the fault is on the tuner board) so I got a replacement on ebay which was cheaper than having it repaired, the replacement is working perfectly, but since it is from a Skoda I note the following:

    1: Skoda splash screen on start up
    2: Green back light to buttons

    Are either of these programmable via a firmware change to VW?

    Another idea, since I stall have the old dead one, can I swap out the front panels, this would sort out the LED colour and the mismatched font, but of course won't provide any firmware change from Skoda splash screen to VW. Is it easy to remove a complete fitted unit, and then remove the front fascia and replace?

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    Never tried that.
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