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    Current Value

    Hi all
    I have a 2009 Golf GT 2.0 TDI DSG done 49650 miles I bought a mk2 Tiguan two years ago and kept the golf as a second car we don't use it anymore and I wondered about value to sell it has factory nav parking sensors full VW dealer service history we have owned for the past 9 years any advice would be welcome re value and where to advertise.

    Jim Whitehouse

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    First posts normally go in introductions else you could get a free fix and we never see you again!!!

    Your car spec says 0, only what I've added from this post.

    You can Google car values all prices will vary you have to join sites. Google Parkers guide they show an average that time I used them a few years ago,
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    The best advice I've ever had about car pricing was from an insurance assessor, following a write-off.

    #1 Goto one of the car sales websites (Autotrader or eBay, rather than gumtree)

    #2 Punch in the details for YOUR CAR (Make/age/mileage/engine size/fuel type/number of doors - ALL the important stuff - ignore colour !)

    #3 Create a list of the cars you find. IF you can't find enough, adjust the mileage UP by a minimum of 10K miles & if there's a selection facility for a lower mileage, use that & go -10K miles too.

    #4 Once you have a list of AT LEAST x10 cars, KNOCK off the HIGHEST & LOWEST values, then add all the rest together, then divide the total by by the number of cars used (so if u got x10 & ditched the highest & lowest, it's x

    THAT maths will give you an AVERAGE price for your car.

    You have to remember that a car is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it & just because you spend 3k on a super paint job, 2k on super-super wheels n tyres & 1.5k on audio upgrades, a 10 year old golf is a 10 year old golf & the money you've spent will not make the car worth the total sum of the price of the parts...
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