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Thread: Doubt about using climatronic with factory fitted Auxiliary heater: webasto

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    Doubt about using climatronic with factory fitted Auxiliary heater: webasto

    Hi All,

    I am from Finland and new to this forum. I bought a used 2013 December registered VW Passat. I guess it is a 2014 model. Our car came with factory fitted webasto. Our car also features climatronic. I have noticed that if switch off the climatronic before shutting down the car, the internal heating (air vents does not come on) does not happen when the webasto is activated. But if I leave the air vents or climatronic on, then the air vents come on when the webasto is running. I am also confused about using the climatronic in auto mode as I have felt that only the windshield air vent and the side air vents are on while the air does not come through the central vents in auto mode.

    This is the first time I am with a Volkswagen. I appreciate all your time and efforts.


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    In the UK we have absolutely no experience with these systems but it is closely computer controlled and so if you think it has a problem the first logical step would be a full vehicle fault code read using a capable system such as VCDS or the VAG system ODIS.
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