Maybe someone can assist with this enquiry.

We have had our 1989 LT35 6 cyl diesel for around 25 years. It was professionally converted to a motorhome shortly after
we purchased it and we have travelled extensively and reliably with it covering 185,000 miles.

We did have an engine vibration issue, reported earlier and this has now been resolved. The engine has good compression and burns
little oil still giving around 28mpg average. All ancillery engine attachments have been replaced or refurbished: injectors, injection pump,
timing belt, starter motor, alternator and glow plugs. The interior is in excellent condition. This vehicle has been well serviced and looked
after and it has looked after us.

Inevitably we have picked up some dents/scratches along the way and the bodywork has suffered somewhat. However, perhaps unusually
for this model, there is no rust evident.

The LT is now undergoing a complete professional body restoration and respray which will restore its appearance to virtually as new.

For classic vehicle insurance we need a valuation. There are relatively few of these vehicles out there and very little on the market. The clubs
as such are mostly forums similar to this. The Type 2 owners club interestingly says it does not provide valuations 'for insurance reasons'!!

Does anyone have any ideas as to how we may arrive at a credible valuation likely to satisfy our insurers Footman James?

Any advise would be greatly appreciated.


John (saljo).