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Thread: Anybody know what these noises are???

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    Anybody know what these noises are???

    I got****ed over really hard, I paid this mechanic 1,400 to "fix" myengine issues, EGR, etc, change the clutch & flywheel, etc. (those issues itold posted about months ago) he had my car for about 10 days to do all thework...

    ...andI picked it up yesterday, he told me the car WAS LIKE NEW...and there was nofurther issues...he pushed me to carry out these works, he said there was nolonger any clutch issues, engine issues, turbo issues, etc.

    And assoon as I took it back last night and drove off...i heard these loud LOUDbuzzing/crackling noises while driving it, it seems to be louder when I walktowards the tyres :/ can anybody help me?

    I hadmy fuel up to like 70% and when i got it back it was at like 30%...the guy usedMY CAR for his day-to-day trips and wasted my fuel too...i felt like he wasscamming me from the start but I just really wanted to get my car fixed...

    �� It did not let me attach the video so I uploaded it on YouTube here:

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    You don't check for engine noises without lifting the bonnet.

    I don't hear anything specific in that video.

    57 plate Golf 1.9 TDI-PD suffer with camshaft and lifter problems which make a tapping noise.
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    As for using your fuel, how do you expect him to full test it with driving it?
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