Hi all - I have an 05 plate Golf 2.0 TDI which over the past few months developed an issue whereby I would notice (say for example when driving at 70mph on a motorway) that no power was coming. After removing my foot from the accelerator and pressing back down after a few seconds, the issue would usually resolve itself. However - the loss of power then started to become more of an issue (more constant and for longer periods of time) so I took it to my garage who initially diagnosed the fault as being the turbo boost meter. This was replace though did not rectify the issue. Before taking the car back - I also began to notice that the car would stall a lot when idling / on motorway queues in 1st gear etc. I took the car back and this time the fault was diagnosed as being the mass airflow meter. Again this was replaced but did not help. I took the car back and was then told the fault was with the turbo throttle body which was replaced but still did not make any difference.

I’m at the point where the car isn’t safe to drive (roughly 50 mile commute to/from work) as outwith the power losses and stalling when idling, it also stalls from time to time whilst at speed. I’m debating whether or not I should cut my losses and scrap the car (which I would hate to do) or whether I should go down a different route. I’ve spent a fair while researching common issues online and have found other forums with people saying the 02 sensor or crankshaft sensor can sometimes be the common denominator for such issues.
I just wondered whether anybody here has suffered any similar faults and if so, whether you were able to resolve it? Any advice would be massively appreciated - due to finances a new car isn’t feasible though conversely I need to have a car for work so would love to be able to fix my wee golf if possible!

Many thanks,