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Thread: Possible to download an Owners Manual in English?

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    Possible to download an Owners Manual in English?

    Hi all,

    I recently bought a new Amarok Aventura from one of my local dealers here in Ankara, Turkey. The owners manuals are all in Turkish naturally! But my Turkish isnít anywhere near good enough to understand all the little bits of info thatís written. Itís a tough language to learn and there are lots of technical/jargon-y phrases that just donít translate easily. My Turkish wife tried to help with some of it but she doesnít really understand cars at all so she canít tell me what the manuals say easily.

    The dealer just kind of looked at me funny when I asked for an English manual.

    I came back to the UK before Christmas and it was suggested that I buy one from a parts department. That might be what I have to fall back to, but does anybody know if thereís a way to download one? I mean, 2020 is a few days away..... I assume that an electronic/PDF user manual exists???

    Incidentally, I used the website and emailed them this same request and basically received a standard proforma reply saying to email someone else in the group. Thanks for reading my email VW customer service.

    Many thanks,

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    That's to do with the country you live in Turkey.

    You can't really contact a VW dealer in the UK so they can order one. I don't think there is a part number for the owners manual.

    I misplaced my drivers hand book and radio handbook earlier this year. They got me an RCD 310 handbook 1215R631R20 £4.99. I asked my dealer if they can get new ones. They said they would contact VW to see if they were available, they weren't.

    I searched fleabay and found a pack.
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