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Thread: 10w 40 oil insteaed of 5w 30

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    10w 40 oil insteaed of 5w 30

    If I put 10W/40 oil in my 2009 Caddy 2.0 SDI will it be okay? The recommended oil is 5W/30. Reason being I have just found an unused can of Castrol Magnatec which is 10W/40.

    Also to add that Halfords are doing a 1/2 price deal on Castrol Magnatec atm.

    Thanks all and hny
    2009 Caddy 2.0 SDI BTS

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    Going backwards in quality , 10W40 is a semi synthetic and the 5W30 is fully .

    Magnatec is nothing but marketing.

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