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Thread: Respray and New Rubber Seals

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    Respray and New Rubber Seals

    Just bought a matching numbers 1957 Oval and am planning a total respray, inside and out (original colour = Black, respray = Black)
    All the rubber seals have 'gone' and need changing.
    Couple of questions;
    i) Should I take out the windows before the respray and re-insert after the job with new rubbers (which seems logical), or does it not really matter as the new colour will match the old on any minor edges ?
    ii) Does anyone have any recommendations for where I should/can buy a set of rubbers for the whole car. My first search found 'Jbugs' in the States who seem to have a handle on the area; offering kits for either "American" or "Cal-Look" windows - in either Brazilian (cheaper) or German (more expensive) options.
    iii) Are there any recommendations for a workshop/garage specialising in VWs who can supply & fit new rubber seals for all the windows, etc, at a reasonable price (and any idea what that price would/should be) ?
    Any help much appreciated.
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    First posts normally go in introductions else you could get a free fix and we never see you again!!!

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    You have a huge choice but quality does vary, almost everything you need is easily available and there are any companies all over the UK how can do this... do a lot of checking first though and don’t go for the lowest price.
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