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Thread: door lock

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    door lock

    has anybody change the door lock?i can get it all free apart from the small cable the connects the outer handle and the lock mechanism any tips ?
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    Bit of a fraught job, you have to lower the window regulator to the point you can release the glass clamps and then lift the glass back up and support it in place, which is not easy on the EOS with its frameless doors.

    Remove the key block from the handle, turning the clamp by unscrewing the Torx screw though the access hole and holding the handle away a little, you should hear a click and the barrel can be drawn away. Then disconnect the pull cable to the handle.

    Remove and stow the wiring, remove the 14 bolts holding the carrier panel to the door shell plus the two door lock outer screws and lift the complete assembly away with the lock unit dangling on its flimsy carrier bracket.
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