Firstly an engineering issue as it's made of plastic and should be metal and part of the engine .

A push fit design with no locating tab .

It's bent , no idea why as the dip stick is relatively inflexible .

So I straighten it slightly to aid the vacume tube down , "snap" .

Got a new genuine 038103663 .

Removing the old broken up one yes a piece fell in , the part that initially breaks has a thinner wall !

It's all a very , very , stupid design .

Got it in light taps to locate and try the dipstick , the resistance of removal pulls up the new tube .

More light taps to locate and new tube splits at the bottom .

Now here's the issue , there is far too much resistance to both insert and remove the dipstick , way more than the old original one .

Phone up TPS and said they've never had a problem with them !!

Another new comming Monday .

If same resistance I won't be fitting .

Advice ?