I been serving my time trying to sort out my tiguan, with no drls, radio,rear demister, interior lights and the dreaded stop, start, all had failed, i tried to find a good wiring diagram but i gave up, the last fault i got on my vcds was short or open circuit on drivers side drls, i had two different sparks on this car some weeks back one ordered a used BCM and said he coded same into my Tiguan but he said all worked for a millisecond he said there is a short somewhere but he gave up and fitted my own BCM into the car£££ lost, Crasher advised that a relay could be at fault so i built a relay test bench that would take 4-5-and mini relays i used old relay female sockets for plug in speed, switch, 12 volt battery, and 300 watt load to test, one relay failed and would vibrate and stop my 300 watt motor, the next thing i tackled was the head lamp this had a bad connection in the main plug, my son connected up the vcds cleared faults and somebody up there likes me, all working perfect crasher thank you, very happy man now.