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Thread: Advice on buying

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    Advice on buying


    i am thinking of buying a high mileage T5 1.9 - for light use, but wanted to find out about servicing. Itís 2015 Feb and has done 157000 miles. it is described as having excellent service history.

    but....servicing suggests 2 years or 20,000 miles...which means 7 or 8 stamps...I am pretty sure I didnít see this many.

    Has has EGR valve timing chain pump and new tyres, drives fine, one thing is that the indicator shows warning but indicator working...only does this once occasionally then itís fine.

    for 11,000 squid - partially converted (windows carpeted and it too chancey?

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    Any second hand car is a risk, otherwise why would somebody be selling a perfectly good car? My next door neighbour (who might be reading this forum) bought something similar a few years ago and had to take the seller to court, because of serious faults with the engine, which according to him, were deliberately disguised so a simple test drive wouldn't reveal them. And he used to work as a mechanic and knows a fair bit about cars.

    Before you buy it, might be a good idea to find somebody who can run full diagnostics on the car and check everything is sound, i.e. clutch, gearbox, engine, timing belt, etc. You may have to pay a garage to do the work, but it could save you a lot of headaches in the future.
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    i totally agree with the poster above. Any second hand car is a high risk, you should be very careful. Before even going to look at it, check its vin history (I can recommend you this service - a good source on where to find accurate info on your car). It's unusual that somebody is selling a perfectly good car.
    Please tell us your car spec?

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    Your car spec says 0, what are you driving at the moment?

    Thread moved to the correct section as it isn't a maintenance question.
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