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Thread: Tiguan clutch

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    Tiguan clutch

    Hi ready to replace clutch on Tiguan looking for some info thanks will I have to remove lower subframe? And do the driveshafts just lever out of gearbox it is the 4Motion model thank you
    2012 Tiguan Sport 4Motion 2.0 TDI-CR CFGB

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    These are a HUGE job. Firstly, nearly every single fastener you remove is one time only TTY, Torque To Yield so it makes sense to sort all these out before you start even though you will make mistakes even then, that is why we keep a huge stock of VAG fasteners. VW's time specs sate 570 time units for this job, which is less than six hours and that is hysterical just for taking it out but they mean out and back in! When we do this job we ESTIMATE two full days and that is on a lift six feet up in the air in the dry.

    VW say

    Disconnect battery earth strap.
    Remove the cover from the engine.
    Remove the complete air filter housing.
    Remove battery and battery holder.
    Disconnect the gear linkage and cable frame and tie out of the way.
    Remove lock washer -1- for shift cable from gear shift lever
    Clamp the clutch hydraulic line.
    Pull the shift cable off the pin.
    Remove gear shift lever.
    Remove cable abutment from gearbox, lay to one side and tie up.
    Pull out clip for pipe-hose line or pipe as far as it will go.
    Pull the tube / hose line or tube out of the breather / slave cylinder and close it.
    Tie up the line.
    Do not operate the clutch pedal anymore and don't lose the breather valve seal.
    Unscrew the engine and gearbox connecting bolts at the top.
    Then remove the upper fastening screw on the starter.
    If the upper fastening screw for the starter cannot be pulled out, remove the breather.
    Remove noise insulation for underneath.
    For vehicles with start-stop system: Pull connector -arrow - from gearbox neutral position sender.
    Remove earth strap from gearbox below.
    Unplug electrical connector for reversing light switch.
    Remove plugs and cables from the starter.
    Remove starter.
    Screw the holder -T10346- or -T10346 / 1- onto the rear of the three mounting holes for the battery holder.
    Use an M 6 x 40 screw or one of the fastening screws for the battery holder.
    If there are hose and cable connections in the area of the motor's eyelets for the support device -10-222 A-, these must now be removed.
    Remove the particulate filter from the engine.
    Attach it to the water box front wall.
    Place the catch device 10-222 A behind the support for the front flap using:
    Adapter -10-222 A / 3
    Adapter -10-222 A / 18 (the longer tube points to the front end).
    Adapter -10-222 A / 22
    Then hang the spindles into the mounting eyelets of the motor.
    Then connect the holder -T10346- or -T10346 / 1- to the interception device.
    Slightly pre-tension the motor / gear unit and the interception device via the spindles.
    Remove front wheels.
    Loosen front left wheel arch liner in front area.
    If present, remove front vehicle level sender
    Remove left charge air hose.
    Remove right charge air hose.
    Remove charge air pipe from engine.
    Remove the air duct cover together with the radiator fans.
    If present, remove support for exhaust system from gearbox.
    Remove pendulum support from gearbox.
    Remove the coupling rods on the left and right of the stabilizer.
    Unscrew nuts for axle joints on axle guide.
    Remove thermal protection for prop shaft.
    Disconnect the propshaft.
    Remove the bevel box from the gearbox
    Disconnect the lower ball joints from the wishbone.
    Remove the front drive shafts.
    Remove the subframe
    Unscrew bolts of left-hand engine mounting.
    Lower the gearbox by adjusting the spindles that are attached to the motor by approx. 110 mm
    When moving the engine and gearbox unit, note the coolant hoses between the engine and the heat exchanger do not overstretch them.
    Remove engine and gearbox connecting screws
    Screw the bracket -T10346- or -T10346 / 1- with the screw into the right-hand threaded hole of the subframe.
    In doing so, bring the holder into the same inclined position in which the motor is located.
    Attach the support device -3300 A- to the holder.
    Push the motor forward with the spindle of the support device for motor -3300 A-. Pay particular attention to the following points:
    The air conditioning compressor must not touch the refrigerant line.
    The generator must not touch the refrigerant line.
    The pressure pipe must not touch the cooler.
    The gearbox mount -3282- is set up with the adjustment plate -3282 / 60- to remove the gearbox.
    Insert gearbox support -3282- in engine and gearbox jack.
    Align the arms of the gearbox mounting according to the holes in the adjustment plate.
    Screw in mounting elements on the adjustment plate.
    Screw in the mounting element bolt 3282 / 34.
    Place the gearbox on the engine and gearbox jack.
    Align the adjustment plate parallel to the gear unit.
    Please ensure the greatest possible distance between the adjustment plate and the gear unit.
    Then screw the bolt -3282 / 34- into the rear hole for the fastening screw of the pendulum support on the gearbox.
    Unscrew engine to gearbox connecting bolts.
    Pull the gearbox off the engine.
    Now incline the gearbox over the spindle of the gearbox mount -3282- on the left.
    Lower the gearbox carefully, paying attention to the side member.
    Pay attention to all lines when lowering the gear unit.
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    Hi thanks is it easier to leave transfer box in place
    2012 Tiguan Sport 4Motion 2.0 TDI-CR CFGB

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    VW say leave it on but it is very difficult to maneuver it around the flywheel making the box unbalanced and difficult to control; it weighs 48.5kg without it so an extra 19.5kg hanging off the back makes life difficult. We have a huge transmission jack the goes up to the car on the lift and with engages in the holes on the casing so you can just pull the box back and lower it, we don't take them off the jack unless we have to as they are so heavy. This is an automatic FWD box but shows you the idea

    "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it"

    Evelyn Beatrice Hall (28 September 1868 13 April 1956)

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