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Thread: Nextbase 522GW front and rear camera bundle - Installing of the cable.

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    Nextbase 522GW front and rear camera bundle - Installing of the cable.

    Just seen this article on best dashcams to buy from Auto Express:

    This has led me to this bundle:

    I see the rear camera is linked via a cable rather than wirelessly - Has anyone had any experience of fitting this / are there better solutions? Sounds like a pain in the proverbial...
    2015 Touran SEL 2.0 TDI-CR
    Options: Caribbean Blue Metallic Discover Navigation Pro; Panoramic sunroof DCC 17" Vallelunga alloys; Electric Tail gate Front Fogs lights with static cornering; ACC Park Assist; Rear-view camera; Ambient lighting; Mirror pack; PreCrash preventive occupant protection; Driver profile selection; Carpet mats front and rear; Driver Alert System

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    They need a hard wired aftermarket section adding in there, they missed the best non OE system you can buy; the Autovox X1 Pro. It was seriously hard work to install and I have done lots of jobs like this plus I did install it with a new Pioneer spare wheel base speaker and new DAB head unit at the same time though and made my life doubly hard insisting on using a combined Antenna Bad Blankenburg DAB, GPS, FM roof aerial; Amazon and RS were my saviours when it came to cables and adapters. I think insisting on taking the roof lining out (Octavia estate... long) so I could do all the camera wiring in the roof may have made my life harder, as well as trying to run a busy garage with my business partner on holiday t the same time... still only took me a week. The X1 isnít perfect but is isnít far off; a few design and software tweaks and it would be more unbeatable but I think the cost and the work involved put off the vast majority.

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