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Thread: 2014 Passat 1.6 TDI HELP!

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    2014 Passat 1.6 TDI HELP!

    hi guys, im a newbie to forums so sorry if I'm lacking any etiquette. Basically I nipped to the shops earlier, car fired up fine, came back to my car and it wouldn't start. It was turning but just wouldn't fire.. I saw a flashing coil on my dash, but since I'm working from home I had to run back to get on a conference call. Later I returned and my car started and drove fine. Once I got home I turned it off and fired it up again a few times and it was fine. Left it 5 minutes and it wouldnt fire again. Guy next door hooked it up and it spat code p060600 ecm/pcm processor. Any ideas on where to even start? All I know is it sounds expensive...

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    I would start with a proper code read as that code infers the engine ECU is faulty and that is very rare... also very expensive dealer or VAG specialist work.
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    First posts normally go in introductions else you could get a free fix and we never see you again!!!

    Your car spec says 0, only what I've added from this thread.

    As suggested: You need to get your motor scanned (preferably with VAG-COM\VCDS) for any error codes logged in the ecu and post them, that will save a lot of guessing and check systems out.

    Thread moved to the correct section as OP can't read sub forum titles as its not a general question.
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