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    Info System

    I have had my 2020 Golf R-Line 1.5 petrol for 2 weeks

    The info system is great, but I have been playing with it, big mistake!, when I set the car up with my profile, I had what looks like a compass in the middle of the digital screen in front of me which also showed what road or street I was on at that moment in time, after messing about with it, I can't get that function back onto this screen!
    I have pressed the view button on my steering wheel and looked at the sub-menu but there it's not there.

    Any offers of advice please?

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    I expect there is a factory reset function in the menu.
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    First posts normally go in introductions else you could get a free fix and we never see you again!!!

    Which radio/sat/nav model is fitted?

    Lucky you have posted in the correct section.
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    The compass normally shows on the sat nav screen when you are not using the satnav for actual directions. To be clear, can you cycle through the different menu screens (ie radio, car status, etc) but cannot see the satnav screen, or can you not cycle through the different menu screens? How you change the views depends on the model, but it's normally on the steering wheel on the right side, the silver button around the "ok" button.
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