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Thread: VW MK 6 Golf 2.0 TDI key barrel problems

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    Get a new key cut when your finished fixing the barrel
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wolfsburg View Post
    Get a new key cut when your finished fixing the barrel
    Thats interesting Wolfsburg , would that help because the old key may be worn?
    Surely the profiler on the key cutter would duplicate a worn key , would it not ? We have 2 original keys , and as the lockpart and key is being used with the rest of the barrel being new , hopefully we wont need another key !
    The tumblers in the lock are worn a bit but it seems to turn nicely and freely when its off ,sofingers crossed it will work the new gubbins correctly behind it !

    Thanks for your replies, I have since been told the barrel must never be triggered from its primed state or its fubared !! Ha
    It didnt warn you in the parts box that came with the new one !
    Hopefully later today we will see if it will be successful !! Wish me luck !!!!

    The last picture I took before I tried dissassembling the original barrel, and it was stiff inside (probably due to something breaking up inside possibly , then I triggered it by accident lol with the screwdriver )
    Better to do that to the old one !!!! The one from JGP is the same number on the barrel and has the same ignition switch number on the back .
    So the top pic shows the old one left and the new one right .
    I will make sure I bolt up the new one without the lock attached just to be safe .
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