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Thread: 1994 Golf 2.0 (2E) Lack of power, misfire, hesitating

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    1994 Golf 2.0 (2E) Lack of power, misfire, hesitating

    Hi all

    Got the car back at the weekend, managed to find a NOS Airbox for it and that has been installed. However, the problem still remains.

    If you feed the power on very very gradually, it accelerates normally. However, any hint of needing to go quickly and it bogs down ( particularly in first, I was turning right today and the car just had zero power, the engine was still running but it was like there was nothing going on. To the point that I was nearly hit by another car ! ) putting your foot to the floor elicits no response. Then suddenly it picks up.

    In second and third the same thing ( feed the power on gradually and it goes, but put your foot down and it lurches and misfires pop pop bang ! )

    If you really put your foot down in second, you can hear what sounds like a misfire in the airbox coming from the front of the car.

    So far, its had changed :-

    Oil Air and fuel filter
    Distributer cap
    Rotor arm
    Oil pressure switch
    New water pump
    Timing belt
    Drive belt
    Power steering belt
    New radiator
    Brake fluid
    Gear box oil
    Cooling fan
    Coolant housing

    And a few other bits and bobs. I realise that not all of this will affect the running of the car !

    I just want the car to be right, as its a keeper for me. However, I am nervous about driving it after the turning right incident today. I'm happy to spend money on it, but I've not got endless money.

    I'm not particularly technical myself, but I can feed info and any advice to the chap doing it for me who is a VW specialist.

    He's checked for vacuum leaks too already. None found.

    Worth changing the leads next ? I've been reading on the net about how a failing o2 sensor can cause these sort of problems too, is it worth swapping it out as well ? The backfiring in the intake was particularly mentioned with regards to the o2 sensor.

    I've been told by a very knowledgeable chap on here that it doesn't have a MAS as such, more a flow meter. Is this something that can go wrong ? can it be cleaned ? We used to clean the MAS on Mercedes with alcohol and a cotton swab. Can you do the same with these 'flow meters' ?

    I read a post on here earlier that sounded similar and that was the in-tank fuel pump ?

    Any other things to look for and advice gratefully received.

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    You have made 2 posts with the same text I've deleted the other one and added the engine code to your profile now we know what its is.

    Your profile said 1995 which I've changed.

    Manufacturer: VW, Date(s) Used: 05/1994-12/1994, Model: Golf Cabriolet, Engine Code: 2E, 85Kw, 115PS, 2.0 Ltr, 4 Cyls

    Finding misfires depends how mechanically minded you are.

    You need to get your motor scanned (preferably with VAG-COM\VCDS) for any error codes logged in the ecu and post them, that will save a lot of guessing and check systems out.
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    Hi there

    I was under the impression that I'd put the engine code (2E) in the thread title ?

    Realised that I'd posted it in the wrong section and couldn't find a way to delete the original one.

    I'll let my VW guy get on with it then.

    Thanks anyway.
    1994 Golf Cabriolet 2.0, Petrol 2E

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    It has a moving flap air flow meter and these did cause a lot of problems with wear to the wiper track.
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