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Thread: Mk7 Golf not Specc'd as hoped - Heated Seats & Rear Camera

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    Mk7 Golf not Specc'd as hoped - Heated Seats & Rear Camera

    Hi folks,

    So I took delivery of my Golf a week ago today and turns out what I thought was a bargain was actually priced correctly and the spec wasn't as great as I thought.

    Therefore, has anyone considered or gone ahead with having OEM Heated seats or the rear camera fitted? If so what were you quoted/expect to pay?

    I've also noticed the in-built Sat-Nav is not great so I'm assuming I need to buy an SD card and download from VW but having searched the forum it seems like people don't have much joy with this??


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    All OEM prices are expensive, maybe Crasher can give you alternatives. keep this in your favorites/bookmarks for reference. It shows the same picture layout as ETKA. As it will save me checking ETKA, which isn't working with the new 8.2 version
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    Retrofitting a camera is a relatively common request, we have companies locally that specialize in retrofitting here and it's their bread and butter.
    OEM heated seats would be something different, as you would obviously need to source a set of seats with the heating elements, and then wire them up, or to add a heating element to the existing seats.
    A quick google shows these guys (which I obviously have zero experience with) do both, although they may not look particularly OEM -
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    There are lots of retro fit companies such as who I have used.
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