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Thread: EPB Electronic Parking Brake Issue

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    EPB Electronic Parking Brake Issue

    What, on a B6 Passat ? !

    So, a year or two back I had to replace the switch, and prior to that I had the caliper motors off to repair and seal up the plastic housing which had cracked, hmm. Since then all fine, but the dreaded light and beep has returned, though strangely it is all working still.

    What I have noticed is that one side motor seems to run on a bit longer than usual, like it has not detected the stop properly.

    Took the motor off, that is all ok, then wound the piston drive part in to see whatís what. All nice and smooth, but when it gets to the point of resistance, pad on disk, I can keep turning it.

    Now, I donít think that is right, should it not just stop and tighten up? If so what is moving that shouldnít, the main piston perhaps? Or something broken inside?

    The brake is still locking up using the button, or to the extent I canít urn the wheel by hand anyway.

    Thanks for any suggestions.

    2007 Passat 2.0 TDI-PD 140PS

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    By doing this you risk burning out the EPB ECU, the 2006>2008 calipers and ECU are disastrous.
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