Morning All,

I undertsand Amarok isn't hugely popular bbut hopeing someone may be able to shed a bit of light on the following.

Looking to purchase a prefacelift Amarok, as much as I prefer the interior and the media system in the facelift budget doesn't stretch that for for a secondary car! I much prefer the look of the front on the facelift edition so was wondering the following -

Is the front bumper a straight swap? All the lines look the same?
Grille? - Again is this a straight swap, will it be helped with the benefot of the facelift front bumper?

Read a few australian forums and it seems possible, I would love to upgrade the lights too but tha does seem a big job and re-wiring and CANBUS changes etc I just can't really be bothered with.

Be great if anyone could shed some light!

Thanks in advance!