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Thread: Advice needed before buying a 2017 T6 T32 kombi

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    Advice needed before buying a 2017 T6 T32 kombi

    I've just registered on the site as my husband and I are due to buy our first VW Transporter tomorrow. We've been looking for ages and found a lovely, low mileage kombi which is nearly 3 years old.
    The van has been serviced twice, first on 17/01/19 at 12,106 miles with an oil change and dust and pollen filter. The second service on 3/10/19 at 18,466 miles was an oil change, dust/pollen filter. In the service book under spark plugs it notes 5W/30 Low SAPS SYNT. Not sure what this is.
    An additional note on 13/11/19 at 19,285 miles says Alt.Belt GAT 6PK 1555 (17093).
    Is this something we should be concerned about before buying. We're not experts and any advice would be greatly appreciated before we part with our money.
    The van currently has 24,086 miles on the clock and hasn't had it's 3rd service yet. It's in excellent condition.
    Many thanks

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    Those oil change points are not as far apart as some I see, the engine needs 9000 mile oil changes to take care of it or even closer if possible, 5k if you can.
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