Hi all,

Not sure where to start but my 2002 Golf 1.9 TDI-PD ARL 150PS is driving me up the wall.

I'll start by saying what it's had new in the past year so I can be more helpful. Camshaft with lifters, timing belt, Fuel filter/hoses/ T valve, MAF sensor, Turbo, Fuel pump.

The last thing I changed was the turbo, I had an issue picking up speed until 2000 rpm then it will shift. Had no problems until a few weeks ago where I come off the motorway or hit traffic and the car lost power, rattling/knocking engine and pretty much limp mode but no CEL. I struggled to get past 40mph until I pulled over and restarted it.

I've had the car scanned 3 times at 3 different garages with no codes at all. Looked on Google and all I seen was a worn camshaft/lifters but they're brand new. I've checked the cam and lifters but not worn at all as I already knew.

The problem persisted and starting up cold/ warm was becoming another problem. It would fire up but then stall and lots of smoke emits out the exhaust on each crank. Done some more digging online, the camshaft sensor or crankshaft sensor seemed the culprits. So I've purchased both.

Went to fit camshaft sensor, started up lovely but when I moved the car I heard what I did before (coming off the motorway and stopping issue) loud knocking noise, car was about to stall when moving. Restarted the car multiple times and the problem is persistent it won't shift. I left the engine running and noticed it vibrates, idle bouncing 100 Rpm up and down, very rough.

I haven't changed the crank sensor yet because it started raining. I just don't understand how changing a new camshaft sensor has made the car worse.

Is it my crank sensor that's become worse now or is there something underlining the new cam sensor has picked up on and won't shift?

I don't have VCDS or know anyone that can help me but I really do need some advice if anyone has knowledge of what's going on.

Thanks in advance.