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Thread: key locked inside boot

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    key locked inside boot

    Hi guys,

    Am I the only one to whom it happened?
    Anyway, stupid enough to lock your key inside but I cannot find the spare. I have recently moved, so have a suspicion I must have left it there. Though checked with the new owners and they say nothing left.

    Anyway, keen to know what experience others had of getting into the car? What my options? Google suggests that the only option really is VW dealer. That perhaps wouldn't be a problem if it was not for the fact it is going take too long and I need the car for work on Tuesday morning.

    Was hoping someone found some miraculous way that to get in? I mean I am thinking of braking a window but was perhaps other options exists?


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    Key locked in boot and you can't find the spare key.

    That was a stupid thing to do if the car was unlocked when you opened the boot with the key fob.

    Is it only the boot you can't get into? If the car is open pull the back seat down to see it you can access the key.

    Search your house for the spare key or contact the old house to search for the key if that's where you last saw it else I don't know of another way to open the boot without smashing a window.
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