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Thread: Dealer service or independent...?

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    Dealer service or independent...?

    Hi all,

    My other half has a 2018 Beetle and it's nearly due for its 3rd service. The first 2 were done with VW as we bought a service plan with the car but now VW are quoting me 199 for a minor service, 89 to do the brake fluid and 159 for an AC service.

    This appears to be a lot of money for pretty basic servicing. I have a MK6 golf and use a mobile mechanic who's an ex VW master tech to do any work and servicing on it. Using him to do the work is going to cost half as much and at least I know who's actually working on the car. Is it going to cause havoc in case I needed to claim on the warranty (expires March 2021) or should I be ok as long as genuine VW parts have been used?

    We plan to keep the Beetle for the next 2/3 years at which point I don't see that not having full VW history will affect its resale value too much.

    Should I swallow the pill of high prices and mediocre service from a dealer to cover my backside with the warranty or get my mobile mechanic on the case?

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    In my experience, it all depends on the people working on your car. Some VW dealers are good, some bad, and the same applies to the independent garages. What you need to avoid are cheap service quotes, because you get what you pay for. I personally use a VW dealer, they charge 64 for brake fluid change, 130 for AC service, and I'm happy to pay those prices, as they always run appointments on time, I get my car back within 1-2 hours, they seem to do a good job, car wash/valeting is usually included at no extra cost and I can wait in a nice show room with free tea/coffee.
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