As my son's car engine broke [there is a fairly dull thread on here about it!] anyway before we decide to scrap/break it - I thought I would try and see if anyone has a decent bottom end kicking around in the back of the shed!

Would prefer a block + head combo with no ancillaries and as low a mileage as I can get but actually what is more important is the compression, if its good and on 90k then I'd still like it!
Crasher rightly suggests this is a gamble but we've looked around and not found anything a he likes and b he can get insurance on - so whilst there is hope for a few 100 to get this back on the road we thought we woul entertain it

2006 Polo 1.2 BMD 6V, would travel but if you are more than 100miles from Peterborough might have to pallet ship