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Thread: Cars / drivers reputations?

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    These days I feel that it's the Volvo drivers around me who are the worse drivers. Usually it's the smaller Volvos rather than the bigger ones.
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    For all the aggressive and selfish tools who pilot Beemers, Mercs, Binis and the like there is one golden rule that shines out on the roads every day -
    Never trust a Vauxhall.
    (This rule also applies to a lesser extent to most Nissans and Peugeots BTW)
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    It's difficult not to generalise when you meet BMW drivers like the gentleman I encountered on the A27 on Sunday.

    I was in my MGB (sorry, not a VW) and in the outside of three lanes, keeping up everyone else and overtaking the slower middle lane traffic. The BMW driver zoomed up behind me, sat so close I could only just see the badge, not the headlamps, and just after I passed the last car in the middle lane and was indicating to move left and let him past, he cut left, zoomed past me on the inside, then swerved in front of me so close I had to brake hard to avoid hitting him. This delicate manoeuvre was accompanied by a range of hand gestures which I shall leave to your imagination. He didn't even indicate...

    That I was in a fragile 50-year-old car with none of today's safety technology made little difference to this complete and utter knob. Of course, not all BMW drivers are like this - but you can't help but wonder if there's something in the plastics they use...
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