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    MK5 Golf 1.9tdi - knocking occasionally

    My Mk5 Golf 1.9 TDI is starting to occasionally make a knocking noise. When I accelerate the knocking increases and turns more into rapid tapping whilst the car shakes. It normally goes back to normal after 10-15 minutes (not always) and most of the time the car is completely normal and runs...
  2. R

    1.9TDI engine stalls after cold overnight start

    Hello, I have a 2008 Golf mk5 1.9 TDI, with just over 160k miles. For the past year I've had an odd start problem. When the car is left overnight and the fuel level is below 60% then when I turn on the ignition, the engine starts but immediately dies. It runs for maybe a 1/4 of a second. It...
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    07 Jetta 1.9tdi stalling/cutting out, Emissions garage warning, CEL, error codes

    Hi there, my jetta has recently decided to cut out and/or stall! This will happen mostly when pulling out of junctions (ie low revs), on acceleration, cruising (even with cruise control), but never when coasting. At junctions, it will silently cut out entirely and drop revs, with the battery...
  4. D

    Tuning my 1997 1.9TDI Vento

    Hi guys, Was looking for some help with what is best for a 1.9 vento engine tuning wise. I've read into bigger injectors and was wondering what injectors would fit straight onto my engine? Also can the EGR be deleted from this engine? I have looked for kits and struggled to find any at all...
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    Mk 4 Golf GT Tdi (110) Good condition with SH 182K miles £1100 ono

    Sadly for sale is my Golf GT Tdi 110 bhp. I love this car - I have owned Mk1, Mk3 and Mk4 Golf's and this is the best of the lot - though the Mk1 GTi (1. was great too! My private plate T 8 EAV is included in the sale (if it hasn't sold previously - It's on Global Registrations for £350)...
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    Touran 1.9 TDi 105bhp 2004 143K miles Warm start issue

    Hi all, I've recently bought our second Touran in the household as we loved the first so much! Sadly, mine seems to have a warm starting issue. It starts up from cold fine, yet once its all warm and up to normal running temp, it can be a pain to start. It does eventually start however, but...